Straightforward Animation.

Animation Video Production

Why would we hide that we want to see your brand’s products in our animation studio?

Stop Motion arrived at GRINGO to liven your brand out of its comfort zone!

We’re mashing up our creative and advertising streak with the ability to produce Stop Motion animations that will definitely capture the attention of your customers. We know that video has a huge impact on any brand’s strategy and there is nothing better than making your product reach your audience in a creative way.

Whether you’ve got a fully planned brief or just a hankering for some great animated content, we can work with you on the creative ideas and throughout the entire process to produce animations for social, web and TV that will catch the attention of your customers.

Take your brand from stop to motion with our uncomfortable creativity!

Animation Techniques

Product Animation

Character Animation




Reasons to choose Stop Motion for your ads:


Viewer’s attention

Stop Motion catches the attention more than photos or even live-action videos, which potentially improves the conversion rate.


Shares on social media

Stop Motion animations are one of the most shared videos on social media, which increases the reach of your posts and/or ads.


More views

Loop Stop Motion videos make the consumer see the content more than once, which increases algorithm value and brand recall.


Products with a life of their own 

Stop Motion can bring products to life, which can tell their story without the need for others to do so (to show ingredients, production process, brand mission, etc).


Authentic and real

People enjoy crafted things for their authenticity and Stop Motion content has and shows that side of real life.

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